Botox injections are an effective, noninvasive way to treat fine lines, wrinkles, and crows feet. It works by preventing muscle movement at the injection site. The most common treatment areas for Botox are the forehead, between the eyes, the side of the eyes, and the neck.

Botox can take five minutes or less to administer. You’ll see and feel its effects within a few days, with maximum results occurring in roughly two weeks. The effects can last three to four months.

Botox Services

What to Expect:

Botox is administered by number of “units.” Our provider will help determine the exact treatment area(s) and how many units will provide the desired results. Most people find the injections to be relatively painless. If you’re sensitive to needles, we’re happy to provide ice or numbing cream. Here’s what to expect when receiving Botox injections:

  • The provider will clean the injection site and prepare the Botox syringe.
  • You’ll be asked to make facial expressions so the provider can mark injection points.
  • You’ll sit with your head back while the Botox is administered.
  • The needle may cause minimal bleeding, which stops after a minute or two.


The injection sites may be red with small welts, which will diminish within a couple hours. Immediately following the treatment, the provider may ask you to do facial exercises to help the Botox disperse. Do not lay down, look down or work out for at least four hours following the treatment.

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