BTL Exilis technology is a skin-tightening procedure that’s noninvasive and pain-free. It dramatically improves the look and feel of “sagging” skin on various body parts, such as the belly, back, arms, hips, thighs, and more. This scientifically proven, clinically tested device uses radiofrequency to reach into skin’s subcutaneous layer, which houses fat.

What to Expect:

Body sculpting and skin tightening with BTL Exilis is an effortless and quick procedure. Here’s what to expect in the treatment room:

  • Like getting a message, you will undress and lie on an exam table.
  • Your provider will apply oil to your trouble spots.
  • Your provider will apply the device to the oiled area and press it in a circular motion. This device will feel warm when applied.


There is no recovery associated with Exilis; you may resume regular activity immediately after. You may experience some redness and minor swelling, but this is short-lived. It’s recommended to drink plenty of water following the procedure.

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